Top ad networks 2019

Top ad networks 2019

We also review some of the best ad networks available to advertisers and publishers that you can use to get high quality, low-cost traffic, in any niche, and of course to make money! You may be wondering where to start or how to cut through all the noise to find golden opportunities.

While ad networks have always existed in one form or another, things were much simpler and far less competitive prior to the online business model we are now familiar with. Publishers of magazines and other print materials have dedicated advertising sections, such as full page, half page or front cover ad slots you can purchase to advertise your offers.

This would typically involve booking your ad slot in advance with the publication and paying a set fee for the ad slot for the duration of the print run. Obviously, this is an over-simplification of the process, but serves to get the point across that booking ad space in a publication is a relatively straightforward affair.

But what happens when you factor in a website with over 1 million daily impressions and multiple ad slots on every page, including additional formats like rich media, pop-unders, and native or contextual links?

This remnant inventory consists of non-premium impressions, which are typically sold as packaged impressions to the highest bidder. An ad network, at its basic level, connects buyers and sellers in an online marketplace by aggregating supply and demand.

They are responsible for buying remnant inventory from the publisher and distributing this inventory through impressions to advertisers. A publisher may even use two or more premium ad networks to fill all their available remnant inventory not filled by direct sales and use a remnant inventory supplier such as Adwords to make sure all their impressions get filled. This practice is known as waterfalling and ensures that inventory is sold for the highest rate available at the time.

Impressions are served via RTB platforms which provide inventory to advertisers on an auction basis, where you compete with other advertisers in real-time for the ad slot.

However, some targeting options will only be available with a CPM cost model — and vice versa.

top ad networks 2019

For this cost model, you will bid on actions the user takes on your landing pageso you only pay for the traffic that converts. Ideally, you want to look at running your ads on networks with both options available to you, so you can test which performs best for your offers and which is the most cost-effective for your campaigns. One of the best things about ad networks, as we know them today, is that they give you full control, not only over the price levels of your ads but also over the placements and targeting options.

The ability to target specific audiences for different ad campaigns and select categories such as age, gender, GEOs, devices, etc, is a real game-changer for affiliates. Part of the purpose of an ad network is to provide data to the publisher, so they can track which placements are being fully utilized, which ones are generating the most clicks and which audiences are being targeted.

Similarly, as ad networks continue to provide more and more valuable services to publishers, they transcend their role of being simply an option to fill remnant inventory and become an additional source of premium traffic to publisher sites. This extension of their services is what gives them so much extra potential to affiliates, who can use this to find incredibly lucrative ad slots at extremely competitive prices. Some ad networks might additionally allow run of all sites on the network RON or you can target specific publisher domains to run your ads which are non-category-specific ROS.

Top Mobile Ad Networks 2019

Finally, an ad network provides a convenient reporting and measurement platform which you can use to assess your cost and engagement. So if you have a campaign you are running on native ad networksyou can try it out on push ad networksand vice versa, to see which one performs the best for your offer.

Ad networks give you a central platform to analyze your data across multiple publishers and help you compile reports for the campaign to identify areas of strength and weakness.

If you find a particular creative is performing well with a particular traffic source for your targeted interest groups, you can stop running the ads which are not bringing your results and focus more ad spend on the ads with a high CTR. Description: PropellerAds is a great choice for both new and experienced affiliates.

It offers tons of targeting options and comes with a smart rotator for helping you to find the best performing ads on your push campaigns. The auto-optimization features are a huge time saver and the ad creation process is simple to use, with excellent reporting data built-in.

Read our PropellerAds Review here. Description: MGID has a reputation for being one of the top-performing native ad networks for affiliates. If you want to know more about this ad network, read our full MGID review or take a look at our list of the top native ad networks. Description: Adcash offers a state of the art DSP with advanced in-house ad technology and one of the widest targeting options in the industry.

The platform enables you to create highly-targeted worldwide campaigns across multiple ad formats through one interface. With Adcash you can centralize all your media buying activities through a single platform, and optimize all your traffic sources in one place. This means no more manual bid adjustments, blacklisting and whitelisting traffic sources — the CPA Target bidding solution does it for you! You could check the current stats yourself with RichPush Insights dashboard.

Every advertiser gets a personal account manager and can ask for tips, creatives, network insights like what verticals perform best in particular GEOs lately and so on. Read our RichPush Review here. It has the added benefit of having CPA and CPL pricing models, so you only pay for traffic that converts, while simultaneously optimizing your audience lists on your ads.A Mobile Ad Network function is to serve a middle point between these two ends of the value chain, moving inventory across both supply and demand, either directly or via reselling or re-broking of inventory.

On some occasions, companies register with an ad network as both advertiser and publisher. Such double registration allows these companies to account traffic it generates as a publisher to cover fees it needs to pay for traffic it acquires as an advertiser. Over the course of more than 10 years since, the advertising networks space has grown with a small number of top tier companies have been controlling the market. The paramount advantage that allows these companies to occupy the top tier of the mobile ad market is how much data they can accumulate on their registered users and leverage this data for ad campaigns precise targeting.

Now, the recent newcomers Reddit and TikTok present an interesting case. The former has one of the most diverse online communities on the planet to reach and monetize and the latter is the brand new China-based social media that is like no other US counterpart.

Both are worth of advertisers attention as an alternatives or extra options to Facebook and Google. Compared with the Google and Facebook duopoly, these four have much less data points for a mobile user profile and therefore can not target mobile ads as precise as the top tier companies.

To partly negate this limitation and help advertisers achieve their goals, these companies provide account managers to handle low-level ad campaigns management.

One of the most profound shifts in the mobile ad industry is that mobile apps have become the major inventory for ads to be displayed in, replacing traditional mobile web.

Today all highest paying mobile ad networks are laser focused on mobile as the fastest growing digital advertising sector. As mobile advertising industry continues to grow, it becomes more and more apparent that moving all operations into programmatic area is the only way to go.

This is how you can accommodate greater and greater advertising volumes, allow ever increasing number of advertisers to manage their ad campaigns efficiently and mobile publishers to maximize their inventory monetization. Continue the trend on advertising automation, Artificial Intelligence algorithms are praised as the way to tackle multiple challenges that digital advertising faces.

In fact, AI is the technology that many industries embrace to handle big data volumes to search for patterns and valuable insights to increase its efficiency. For mobile advertising it is also a brand new way to better fight off mobile ad fraud. There are two kinds of digital ad fraud — technical and compliance one.

Examples of technical fraud are ad stacking, attribution fraud, faked postbacks. The compliance fraud has to do with viewability, cases of placing ads in areas it rarely can be seen but still reported as seen, tricking users into clicking on ads, re-brokering ad offers from one publisher to another and more. All mobile ad networks provide users with several types of business models to run ad campaigns with. The down side is that they may loose some extra revenue, if their app or website audience is really interested in a product or service they advertise.

For that case CPC model would allow them to make more money. This model works better for advertisers, because it allows them to pay only for instances when an interest to their product or service is explicit their ads were clicked and, as mentioned above, in some cases may work for publishers as well.

For a publisher this model always presents a certain risk of him serving lots of ad impressions for free. CPI cost-per-instal model implies that advertisers are charged only when a click on their ads resulted into an actual mobile app install. Cost-per-install price has become one of the most important metrics for mobile app marketers to measure and keep track of, because essentially it represents a price they pay to acquire customers and hence it should be factor into ROI calculations.

CPA cost-per-action type is more advanced version of CPI, when an advertiser is charged for specific action in-app sale, subscription, form submit, sign up and more users take inside an app that is advertised on a mobile ad network.Save When it comes to making money from a blog, Advertising is considered the oldest and most popular monetization way. Most of the bloggers start their blogging journey with a hope of making money from advertisement. What works for me might not work for others.

If you are a blogger and want to make money from advertisement, you have to figure out what network works great for you. There are plenty of Ad Networks out there.

Here I will be sharing a list of best-paying Ad networks for bloggers and publishers. Some of them are similar, and some of them are different from each other. Google AdSense. Google AdSense is the undisputed king of Ad Networks. With high quality and high paying Ads, AdSense is considered as the best advertising network. AdSense makes it easier to show the right ads to the right audience. It also makes sure that you get the high revenue from your ad space.

AdSense is the primary source of income for many bloggers. But getting AdSense approval is not easy. It has a huge advertising pool that offers high quaily ads with innovative ad units. Robust targeting of Media. And you can track your performance in real-time.

Many bloggers use Media. Just make sure that you have a good looking blog with quality content. Amazon Associates. Amazon Associates is mainly known for its affiliate program. Native Shopping Ads is a kind of contextual ads. It shows relevant ads based on your content. But you will get revenue based on sales, not clicks. CPM Ads is display advertising where you will get paid on a cost per thousand impressions.

BuySellAds is an advertising marketplace that connects bloggers publishers with advertisers. It offers direct advertising. That means advertisers will contact you before ad goes live. You will have full control on you ads. Getting BuySellAds approval is tough. You need to have at least 50, pageviews to get approved by BuySellAds.

Infolinks has become popular for its in-text advertising. Infolinks always tries to come up with unique ads units for its publishers. It shows relevant and intent-based ads that improve engagement.

Getting Infolinks approval is easy. You can use Infolinks with other advertising networks like AdSense. It can be a stable income source for your blog if you have a good amount of traffic. VigLink is an in-text advertising network. While other networks like Infolinks pay you for clicks, it pays for sales.Mobile devices have taken over the world in the last decade; with the number of users accessing the internet has surpassed desktop users.

The ad tech industry responded to this change be launching multiple mobile-specific ad networks. However, finding a reliable network can be challenging. AdMob was founded in April as a mobile advertising platform. And later in Novemberit was acquired by Google.

The demand is captured from Google Ads formerly AdWords accessing buyers from around the world. Ad formats are responsive and delivered with a seamless user experience. For applications, the ads are delivered for during the nature breaks to maximize the engagement and to reduce the intrusion.

As with most Google products, you can expect near-flawless functionality and easy app integration. On the downside, AdMob has been criticized by users for revenues being on the lower side of the chart. This means that some of the other options on this list may be a better option for more experienced players seeking higher revenue.

This is achieved by advanced data insight used by the company to channel ads via programmatic and direct deals. StartApp allows you to implement interstitial advertising, which means that between two pages or sections of your website or mobile application, an advertisement momentarily takes over the screen.

It is considered to be a more intrusive form of advertising compared to traditional banner advertising, but some have achieved far higher revenue rates using interstitial advertising. InMobi has developed a new way of targeting users which they call appographic targeting.

Top 9 Mobile Ad Networks for Publishers (2019 Update)

Appographic targeting increases the chance of connecting users to the type of media and apps that they are most likely to consume. Other than that, InMobi offers in-app monetization, ad mediation, and audience bidding for publishers.

And for mobile inventory, it deals in display, native, and video ad formats. The analytics part of Flurry is something that is truly unique to them, with the ability for a developer or company to monitor a whole portfolio of applications distributed on different application stores across platforms.

Its funnels also measure customized consumer conversion metrics.

top ad networks 2019

You can also categorize the analytics that you gather, for example separating paid users from free users.Display ads are one of the most common monetization methods—even for new bloggers. But how do you know which display ad networks are the best? Depending on how much traffic your blog attracts, you should choose a display ad network accordingly. Not all networks work the same, let alone yield the same blog income.

21 Best Ad Networks for Publishers / Bloggers

If you choose to purchase a helpful product using these links, I may receive a small commission for referring you — at no extra cost to you. These funds help me keep this blog up and running. That network, in turn, has partners that want to target specific niche blogs that match their products or services.

Thus, ad networks do most of the heavy lifting for you. You can also control the number of ad units on each page or in each article. Most often, pay per view PPV ads earn you a fixed revenue for a certain count of thousand or several thousand impressions. So, when someone visits your blog, they may see several ads on a single page, right? The good news is that each seen advertisement counts as an impression.

For the exact details, you should always check in with your ad network. Choosing the right ad network to partner with can mean a big difference in blog income in the long run. Thus, you want to make sure you compare several networks before you sign up and set up display ads on your blog.

But what types of ad networks should you consider? What makes a specific network better than others?

Always bear in mind that you have the upper hand while working with ad networks. Monumetric has been my go-to ad network for a while now with one of my biggest blogs. They will schedule a call with you to answer all your questions and to come up with an ad revenue strategy for your blog. They do all the heavy lifting for you while you focus on creating valuable content for your readers. However, to sign up with Monumetric, you need a minimum of 10, page views in 30 days.

Thus, if your blog is brand new, Monumetric may still be out of your reach. They have an extensive selection of advertisers in their network to match your blog topic and niche. Ezoic is a great alternative to big networks like Mediavine and AdThrive. Their advertiser network is more diversified across different geographical locations and demographics.

Thus, if your traffic comes from all around the world, Ezoic can deliver ads that are relevant and interesting to all countries and readers. Moreover, Ezoic comes with a user-friendly dashboard and great staff to answer your questions. The main difference is that you can sign up with Ezoic with around 10, monthly visitors already. If your long-term goal is to grow your traffic to get accepted with AdThrive, Ezoic is a great network to team up with in the meantime.

top ad networks 2019

Infolinks is another great ad network for bloggers big or small. They offer a variety of different ad types you can use on your blog. Infolinks has a super easy and quick signup process. You just need to enter your blog or website URL, enter your email address, and choose a password. I received my welcome email just after 20 minutes and was able to log in to my dashboard.

However, keep in mind that it can take several days until all advertising partners of Infolinks have reviewed your site. The partners will find the best ads to display on your site to make sure your earnings are as high as possible. PropellerAds has one of the best ad unit selections for bloggers and other publishers out there. Their banners, push notifications, onclick ads, interstitials, and smart links can boost your blog income in a myriad of ways.Internet consumption is booming worldwide and so is the ad industry.

There are thousands of ad networks, ad tech companies emerging every year with the idea of fulfilling the gap between advertisers and publishers. But are they all worth your time and effort?

Last year I had made a list of top 10 ad networks to follow in and it was received very well by our publishers. There comes a time when you decide to just go back to your old ad network and start working with them again. It is also true that majority of ad network startups fail within a year.

I have compiled the list of top 10 ad networks for that will work best for your website. Moving forward I will be listing them in rank based criteria as shown below. These are the best ad networks to generate higher revenue in They work with publishers across various categories and the requirements become lenient over the years to give opportunity to new publishers.

There is no minimum traffic requirements but you do have to follow their guidelines when showing ads on your website. Best of all, their ads bypass adblockers thanks to their advanced anti adblock technology which means maximized ad revenue for publishers. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Comment Name Email Website. Google AdSense is the leading and one of the best ad networks for publishers. Exponential is one of the best CPM ad networks and is a brand safe advertising platform. Bridging the gap between premium publishers and advertisers, Exponential also has custom monetization solutions for publishers. You will need to have a minimum ofunique visitors per month to get approved. Taboola is a content delivery platform that has seen a huge growth in driving the best results over the years.

With billions of content recommendations every month, Taboola is one of the leading native advertising networks in the industry. Taboola offers one of the highest CPC rates and has long list of premium advertisers.

The content recommendations are highly converting and provide best results for publishers and generate higher ROI for advertisers.

RhythmOne earlier known as RadiumOne and Blinkx is one among the leading CPM ad networks that you can trust a lot because of brand safety. They offer a variety of ad formats such as video ads, rich media ads and provides higher fill rates. Their traffic requirement is not much requires about unique visitors every month but you do need to have quality content to get accepted.

They have higher CPM rates and targeted ads. MGID is one of the top native advertising networks that is perfect for medium to large publishers. They have perfect engagement and a lot of targeting options. The ads are non-obtrusive and are really simple thus giving higher conversion rates. Outbrain is a native ad network just like Taboola and has grown consistently over the years. They allow you to promote your own content along side their own sponsored content thus creating higher engagement and better conversions.

Revcontent is one of the fastest growing content delivery network. It makes about billion content recommendations every single month. They have one of the best responsive and highly converting ad recommendation widgets and extremely easy to customize ad units. Revcontent are strict with the rules and you will need a very high traffic to your website before being accepted.

They provide pretty good rates for Pop and Push traffic and has a lot of exclusive offers that can generate both your web as well as mobile traffic. PropellerAds is a self-serve ad network.

They have one of the best ad tech operations across multiple channels to maximize the yields. Ezoic is a Google publishing partner that with its ad technology uses data points from visitors to determine the optimal ad sizes, locations, and combinations for each user session.Looking to monetize your website or blog? Blog monetization is the key objective for every blogger. However, you have first to figure out the methods for blog monetization. For this, you have to run ads on your blog.

So the big decision for you is to choose a powerful Ad Network s which can generate the highest revenue for you.

The Best Ad Networks For 2019

I perfectly understand that choosing the Top Ad Networks is not an easy task. Especially for newbie bloggers who are making their first attempt in online publishing. Here, you have to understand that Publishers are bloggers or website owners who want to run Ads on their blogs or websites for revenue generation. Then, there are various types of Ad Networks. Some cater to a particular type of Ads and others give you the option of having different types of Ads on your blog or website.

Some specialize in a particular type of Ads; others serve the combination of Ads. You have to experiment with Ad Networks to find out which ones are generating the highest revenue for your blog or website.

Here, we have selected some of the Best Ad Networks for Bloggers who are secure, trustworthy and give you the best opportunity to monetize your blog or website. They serve millions of Ad impressions daily, have a large network of advertisers and publishers, and provide decent money to publishers. So, if you want to monetize your blog, you have to pick out the best online Advertising Networks. The list will give you a good lot of options and make easy for you in picking the most suitable Ad Network for your blog or website.

These networks are not of specific ad types we have listed top ad networks of various advertising options. It also happens to be the oldest online advertising network still in existence. It is much popular with publishers and advertisers alike. Its performance and eCPMs are tough to beat. However, to get approved by Google Adsense is not easy.

You have to follow Adsense quality guidelines to get approved. It shows mobile ads, video ads, search result ads, display ads, and banner ads.

The ads are relevant to your content. You can choose the type of ads that best fit your website. It has the largest network of online advertisers. It makes sure that only the highest paying ads go live on your website, so you get the most for your ads. Its control panel is pretty basic but highly functional. Reporting is the major advantage of Google Adsense.

It delivers results in real-time. It even offers several advanced features. It provides multiple Ad Formats. Propeller Ads makes it easy for you to select the best-performing ad campaign. Propeller Ads ensures high ad quality by performing manual checks on advertisers. It provides publishers with on-time payouts, detailed real-time reporting, and a personal account manager. It endeavors to provide the highest revenue per visitor.

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